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The continuous effort of the Human Resource Department in achieving excellent service in the National University arena could be seen through the awards earned and based on the visits of other academic institutions and the external agencies.  The accreditation of awards gives moral support to the Human Resource Department to continue to succeed not only in academic and human resource development but also in handling machineries and equipments as it is one of the significant elements in Human Resource Department.

bullet5 Muslimah Nasyid Competition PEWARIS 2012

HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT managed to be the 1st runner up for the championship of theMuslimah NasyidCompetition organized by PEWARIS on 17th February 2012 situated at the Multi-Purpose Room 2, UPSI’s library.

bullet5 The Winner for Department’s Category and the Overall Winner of Web page Competition 2011

The HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT won the Website competition for the Department’s Category and we also won the prize for Overall Winner. The closing ceremony of the Innovation Month dated on 19th December 2011 was attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation).

bullet5 Third place in the Web page Competition of 2009

The Human Resource Department won the third place in the web page competition between the departments in 2008 to promote the production of the best and informative web page as well as to improvise the quality of the information delivery to the consumers through the website.

bullet5 1st runner up for Perak Integrity Office Awards of 2008

The Human Resource Department managed to be the 1st runner up for Perak Integrity Office Awards during the Civil Service Quality 2008 Day celebration in the Perak state level.

bullet5 1st runner up for the Web page Competition in 2007

The Human Resource Department managed to be the first runner up in the web page competition which was held between the departments for the year of 2007.  This competition was held to promote healthy competition among the departments in UPSI and, to create and to produce best web page, informative and neat as well as to improve the quality of information delivery through network to the consumers.

bullet5 Exploremind 10 Years Of UPSI

The Human Resource Department had organized an “EXPLOREMIND” activity in conjunction with the “10 Years of UPSI” on 21-22nd July 2007.

bullet5 2006 Patriotic Day Celebration

The Human Resource Department won the third prize in the marching competition during the 2006 Patriotic Day Celebration. The BSM staffs joined the competition with the tagline of Human Capital is the Catalyst of the UPSI’s Intelligence.

bullet5 Champion of the UPSI’s 2004 Web Page Competition

The Human Resource Department merged as the champion of the competition between the departments for the year of 2004.

bullet5 2004 champion of the KMK in the Public Higher Learning Institution (PHLI) level

The “Vision 10” group from the Human Resource Department, UPSI became the champion of the increment of work quality (KMK) in the PHLI level which was held for the first time in the Annexx Hall, UITM.

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