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Technology Information Unit

Information Technology Unit was established on 16th May 2003 in Human Resource Division. This unit is managed by an Information Senior Technology Officer (F44) with the help of an Information Technology Assistant Officer (F29), and two Administrative Assistant (N19).

Information Technology Unit acts to prepare computerized information system in order to support the needs of management in Human Resource Division. This unit as well acts as a medium to improve professionalism in management by introducing ICT concept as the workplace culture in Human Resource Division.


Development of Human Resource and Management System (MYHRIS)

  • Developing, improving and executing Human Resource and Management System (MYHRIS)
  • Doing utilities specification research of Integrated Information System in Human Resource Department.
  • Designing and performing improvement of programme, application and testing the improvised and executed system (current system/bud/error)
  • Providing documentation and training about the system application to the related users.
  • Modules under the Human Resource and Management System (MYHRIS) that have been developed and are being developed are:
    • Staffs Module
    • Staff Profile Module
    • Medical Module
    • Leave Management Module
    • Training Module (Analysis on Training Need/SLAB/SLAKK/SPU SLAI/Sabbatical Leave conferences (seminars/conferences)
    • Staff Attendance Module
    • Payroll Module
    • Staff Payment Module
    • Staff Disciplinary Module
    • EIS Information Management Module (managing application data, reports or statistics received from higher management or outside agencies such as JPA or KPT following the required format)
    • Performance Evaluation Module – Confirmation Management
    • Performance Evaluation Module – Assessment Management
    • Performance Evaluation Module – Increment Management
    • Performance Evaluation Module – Promotion Management
    • Performance Evaluation Module – PTK Management
    • CV Online Module
    • Academic Staffs Field of Experts Module

Managing and maintaining the website of HRD

  • Developing and maintaining HRD website by using JOOMLA portal based on the needs of unit and feedback from customers from time to time. HRD website can be accessed at

Managing and maintaining HRMIS

  • HRMIS is Public Sector Human Resource Management Information System. It is an integrated, comprehensive and competence-based Human Resource Management from human capital strategic planning and staff recruitment until staff retirement system. This system can be accessed at

           All Public Tertiary Education Institutions must use HRMIS towards Integrated Human Resource Management System of Public Sector. Due to that, the responsible unit manages HRMIS for UPSI including the following tasks:-

  • Managing preparation and data delivery by batch to the HRMIS system
  • Managing entry and updating competence owner directly to HRMIS system
  • Managing entry and updating data involving data changes for special case such as warrant changes, disconnection and others
  • Carry out training to use HRMIS
  • Managing Help Desk for HRMIS level ‘0’

Managing preparation and submission to Information Coordinating Tertiary Education Data Based Syatem IPTA KPT (MyMohes)

  • Managing the data preparation and submission based on the report format that has been predetermined on a periodic basis to e-anjung system of MyMohes KPT. The unit as well responsible to ensure data checking and confirmation have been done by its owner.

Managing account set up by the system users

  • This unit as well responsible in providing user’s account to new staffs in the University in order to enable access to University Integrated information System (SMBU).
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