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Last Updated: Monday, 28 May 2018 Published: Friday, 19 August 2016 Written by Salma Binti Faudzi

Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) invites all the applicants whom are qualified to fill in the vacancies in UPSI.  We wants those whom are qualified to be, committed and pro-active to join us in progressing towards the excellence and succession in education in educating the new generations for success in order to fill in the vacancies in Sultan Idris Education University.

      FA29    KONTRAK    
    04 JUN 2018              (ISNIN)


Candidates who would like to apply for positions in Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) must register an account with the Online Job Application. Click on the link to apply:

 bullet2 Job application for the second time and subsequently, candidates do not need to re-register/create new account, otherwise just need to update the post applied for in existing accounts.
 bullet2 An online application must be completed because the application will be processed using this online application. An incomplete online application will be rejected
 bullet2 For non-academic post, once the online form is completed:
         bullet3 Print out a complete CV with a photo
         bullet3 Attach copies of SPM result/ Certificate/ Diploma/ Bachelor Degree/ Co-curriculum certificates and all the related documents (certified). Mail to the below address.
 bullet2 For the academic post, an applicant shall take the following actions:
         bullet3 Print out a complete CV with a photo
         bullet3 Attach copy of academic certificate, transcript and scroll
         bullet3 Attach copy of publication
 bullet2 Applicants must check from time to time the announcement made in news/updates to find out the current status of the application; for example processing/ eligible for test filtering or screening/ qualified for interview/ required to submit application documents and others. UPSI will not be liable if the applicant claims not to know the status of his application because he/she fails to check online new/updates.
 bullet2 Applicant is required to fill up an active e-mail address. This online application uses e-mail as the communication medium between UPSI and the applicant. UPSI will not be liable if the applicant does not receive any information via e-mail due to the ailure to check e-mail.
 bullet2 Kindly submit the application to:
                                                             Personnel Unit
                                                Human Resource Division
                                           Sultan Idris Education University
                                               35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak

 bullet2 Please call 05-4506328 (Mr. Ahmad Mustafa/Mr. Fakhrul Islami/ Mrs. Zuraidah/ Mrs. Norul Haslina), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries or assistance.
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