The University would like to invite to fill the vacant positions


HRMIS system is introduced to all government led by the Public Service Department of Malaysia 


Forms facility is provided conformity with the needs of UPSI staffs  


Last Updated: Monday, 05 December 2016 Published: Tuesday, 02 August 2016 Written by Salma Binti Faudzi

“For the best options, it is possible for each individual to achieve the highest levels!” – Aristotle

We would like to welcome those who are qualified and very keen to seize the opportunity to build future with UPSI in various areas, whether in academic related positions as well as non-academic positions.

UPSI also invite qualified, committed and proactive personnel towards niche and educational excellence to fill vacancy as follows:           

bullet3 Academic Positions
bullet3 Academic Positions For Non Citizen
bullet3 Non Academic Positions
bullet3 Part Time Academic Position

For UPSI staffs, who would like to apply for promotion, please visit the following link to find out the promotion requirement.

bullet1 Promotion for Academic Staff
bullet1 Promotion for Non Academic Staff

In order to facilitate the applicants, please click on the Online User’s Manual as follows:


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