List of Forms of Personnel Unit

Last Updated: Monday, 02 October 2017 Published: Thursday, 04 August 2016 Written by Salma Binti Faudzi

You may download forms according to Unit as follows and ensure it is fully completed and attached with required documents as necessary. 

[Download Adobe Acrobat Reader].


   No Forms      Download 
    1. Application for Appointment of A Part-time Lecturer and Tutor          pdf image
    2. Application for Appointment of A Part-time Coach          pdf image
    3. Expatriate Application Form and Referee Report Form           pdf image
    4. Key Performance Indicators for Special Assessment of Academic Staff for Appointment/ Extension (Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor) [KPI/PKSA 01]          pdf image
    5. Garis Panduan Dan Kriteria Kenaikan Pangkat Jawatan Akademik          pdf image
    6. Senarai Semak Permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat Pensyarah Kanan, Profesor Madya dan Profesor          Microsoft Word
    7. Maklumat Perujuk Peribadi Calon Bagi Permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat          Microsoft Word
    8. Maklumat Penilai Luar Calon Bagi Permohonan Kenaikan Pangkat          Microsoft Word
    9. Petunjuk-Petunjuk Prestasi Utama Bagi Penilaian Khas Staf  Akademik Pelantikan/Perlanjutan Skim Khas          Microsoft Word


   No Forms     Download
    1. Contract/Temporary Staff Performance Evaluation Form           pdf image
    2. Promotion Using Flexi Warrant Form(Kindly print out on a BLUE paper)          pdf image
    3. Application form/Continuation Contract Positions/Part-time Daily Employees (Kindly print out on a YELLOW paper)          pdf image

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