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The Human Resource Department provides the facility to book the room for training and meeting.  For further enquiry, please refer to the Administration and Financial Unit and the Training Unit.

                Officer In Charge Facilities

   Training Unit

     Mr. Mohd Halim bin Mat Zaki
    05-4506907/ 6494

bullet1The main training room
All the participating staffs of a certain course will be placed in the main training room by the training unit if the course consisted of more than 60 staffs.
bullet1The Training Room 1 and 2
The first and second Training Room can accommodate around 30-40 staffs for the course that will be conducted.
bullet1Dining area for the VIP
Prepare the space and area which is comfortable and spacious for the dining of the VIP.
bullet1Leisure room
Provide a comfortable leisure room for the guests who have been invited to conduct training courses.
                Officer In Charge Facilities

   Administration and Financial Unit

     Mrs.Norwahidah binti Zulkarnaini

 bullet1The main meeting room of Chancellery
Able to conduct meetings involving more than 60 staffs at one time
 bullet1Dining room BC 2-8
Conduct the meeting agenda in the meeting room.
bullet1Meeting room BC 2-7
Conduct the meeting agenda in the meeting room
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