The Human Resource Division is a division under Registrar’s Department headed by a Chief Deputy Registrar (HRM). The Human Resource Division is divided into three (03) sections and seven (07) units namely:

a) General Service Section

        Administration and Financial Unit
        Staff Welfare Unit

b) Human Resource Management Section

        Academic Personnel Unit
        Non Academic Personnel Unit
        Service Unit
        Information Technology Unit

c) Human Resource Development Section

        Training Unit
        Study Leave Unit


Generate and develop unique and high-quality human capital parallel to the Vision and Mission of UPSI.


Focus on customer-oriented services;

Focus on the quality aspect in performing human resource management practices;

Apply technology approaches in human resource management;

Being a strategic partner with Head of Responsibility Centres in managing human resource;
Prepare a structured and systematic training;

Being a reference regarding human resource affairs;

Being an open and a transparent organization in sharing information with client of the university, and;

Ensure the human capital that is recruited by UPSI is qualified, skillful, talented and able to fulfil the University aspirations.

We pledge and are committed to providing efficient, professional, ethical and friendly services to our customers as follows:

Counter service for all transactions is entertained within five (5) minutes.

Inform the interview results to the candidate by (1) one month from the date of interview.

Ensure appropriate training is provided to enable employees to achieve at least 24 Points of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) per year.

Issue a letter of position confirmation to the staff within five (5) working days after the date of the meeting with the Vice-Chancellor / Registrar.

Processing forced retirement (compulsory) within two (2) years prior to the retirement year of the employee.

Issues interview result letter of study leave to candidates not later than five (5) working days after the interview.

Open the Annual Performance Evaluation Reporting System (LNPT) before January 15th of each year on schedule.

Ensure policies related to Human Resource Management are updated on HRD website not later than one week after approval by University.

Feedback to complainants should be made within one (1) working day to inform them that their complaints have been addressed and will be resolved.