bullet2Administration and Financial Unit
This unit is responsible for providing efficient service based on office management and financial procedures. <Click for more details>

bullet2Information Technology Unit
This unit handles network system, internal systems and information management. The unit also acts as a catalyst in increasing the professionalism of administration with the introduction to the culture of ICT concept in the human resources division. <Click for more details>

bullet2Personnel Unit
The unit is responsible for providing a strategic and efficient human resource planning for the University through the process of recruitment and appointment of high-quality staff, managing the placement, transferring, wages, salary revision, apply and revision service scheme. <Click for more details>

bullet2Service Unit
This unit is responsible in handling all affairs regarding to service and source of information about personnel parallel to the University and Public Service rules. <Click here for more details>

bullet2Training Unit
Unit that is committed to meet the human resource development needs of the University. <Click here for more details>

bullet2Study Leave Unit
Unit that manages human resource development program through the offering of scholarships and study leave to upgrade academic qualifications of staff such as Bumiputera Academic Training Scheme (SLAB), Public Institutions of Higher Education Academic Training Scheme (SLAI), Special Training Scheme for Administrative and Academic Staff (SLKKAP) and such other schemes. <Click here for more details>